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How much will the average artificial lawn cost?

For us to provide you with accurate costs for professional artificial grass installation within this article is no easy task.

Materials, labour and waste disposal costs will vary depending on where you are in the UK.

But this example will give you an idea, based upon a typical artificial lawn of 50m2:

Assuming access is good, there is minimal wastage, and a typical installation method is carried out, you may expect to pay somewhere between £2,500 and £3,500 including VAT, materials, waste disposal and labour.

Of course, this really is only a very rough guide and the only way to get an accurate price is contact a couple of local installers and ask them to conduct a site visit and provide you with a written quotation.

artificial grass


When providing you with a quotation, a professional installer will need to measure your lawn in order to calculate the quantities and costs of the following:

  • The size and number of artificial grass rolls required (including wastage).
  • The volume of material to be excavated and waste disposal costs (usually done through hiring a skip).
  • The volume of aggregates required to install the sub-base (usually ordered to the nearest ‘bulk bag’).
  • The quantity of weed membrane required.
  • The type of edging to be installed (if any).
  • How much joining tape and adhesive will be needed (if joints are required).
  • How long the installation will take from start to finish (labour costs).

Once your installer has the answers to these questions, they’ll be able to provide you with a written quote.

Another benefit of using a professional is that they’ll have good links with local suppliers, and therefore have access to cheaper prices for materials than a DIY’er would.

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